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Are you struggling with a wet or leaky basement? DGI Waterproofing offers top-notch basement waterproofing services in Markham and surrounding areas. Say goodbye to dampness, cracks, and leaks - choose DGI, the trusted name in waterproofing. Late-night calls and emergency inquiries are welcomed, with same-day visits available for urgent situations!

Our experts utilize sophisticated methods and top-notch materials to construct reliable barriers, shielding structures from water infiltration in areas like foundations, basements, and outer walls. This helps protects inhabitants' health by minimizing mold growth and maintaining indoor air quality.

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Waterproofing Price in Markham

How much waterproofing services will cost in Markham?

Our basement Waterproofing prices start at $6 to $8 per sq. ft. However, please note that all prices are approximate and may vary based on the specifics of a project.

  Service Cost
1 Exterior Waterproofing $50 – $300+ per linear ft. (Cost depends on depth and access)*
2 Interior Waterproofing $50 – $200 per linear ft.*
3 Waterproofing Foundation Cracks $1500-$3000 (Cost depends on width and depth)*
4 Basement Waterproofing $6 to $8 per sq. ft. (Cost depends on materials and company)*
5 Mold Remediation $1000 – $100,000*
6 Waterproofing Newer Homes $2.75 – $4 per sq. ft. *


*Please note that all prices are approximate and may vary based on the specifics of a project.

Our Waterproofing Services in Markham

Exterior Waterproofing Services in Markham

Ensure Lasting Protection for Your home or business against water infiltration with exterior waterproofing. At DGI Waterproofing, our specialists utilize advanced methods and premium materials to establish an impermeable shield around your property's outer surface. By identifying and fortifying weak points in your foundation walls, we stop water from entering, thus guaranteeing the enduring stability of your property.

Exterior waterproofing in Markham

Basement Waterproofing Services in Markham

Keep Your Basement Dry and Functional A wet basement can result in various problems such as mold development, harm to the structure, and diminished indoor air quality. Our services for basement waterproofing are customized to your individual requirements, whether you're facing slight dampness concerns or significant flooding. We employ advanced waterproofing techniques to seal both basement walls and floors, ensuring you have a dry, functional area and safeguarding your possessions from water harm.
Basement waterproofing services in Markham

Waterproofing Foundation Cracks Services in Markham

Addressing Foundation Vulnerabilities Foundation cracks can serve as major openings for water infiltration. Our expert technicians are adept at fixing these cracks through advanced methods and resilient materials. By efficiently sealing these fissures, we thwart water from seeping into your foundation, guaranteeing its endurance and robustness. Neglecting foundation cracks is unwise – allow us to fortify your property, shielding it from potential water damage.
Waterproofing foundation cracks services in Markham

Waterproofing Newer Homes Services in Markham

Protecting Modern Homes from Water Intrusion Even recently built houses can face water penetration issues. Our dedicated waterproofing services for new homes concentrate on pinpointing vulnerable spots and offering customized remedies to avert water harm. Whether it involves enhancing drainage systems, applying waterproof coatings, or strengthening delicate areas, we guarantee that your contemporary property stays dry and protected. This maintenance preserves its value and durability in the long run.
Waterproofing newer homes in Markham

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is waterproofing important for my Markham home?
    Waterproofing is essential to protect your home from water damage, which can lead to structural issues, mold growth, and compromised indoor air quality. Proper waterproofing ensures a dry and healthy living environment, preserving your investment and enhancing property value.
  • What is the best method of waterproofing a basement?

    There are various waterproofing methods, including exterior waterproofing, interior waterproofing, basement waterproofing, foundation crack repair, and crawl space encapsulation. Each method is tailored to specific needs and areas of a building to ensure comprehensive protection against water intrusion.

  • Is waterproofing only necessary for older homes?
    No, waterproofing is necessary for homes of all ages in Markham. Even newer homes can experience water infiltration due to poor drainage, foundation cracks, or faulty construction. Regular inspections and preventive waterproofing measures are essential to maintain the integrity of any property.
  • Will waterproofing my basement increase my home's value?
    Yes, waterproofing your basement can increase your home's value significantly. A dry, functional basement adds usable square footage to your home, making it more appealing to potential buyers and enhancing its market value.
  • Can waterproofing help with energy efficiency?
    Yes, waterproofing can contribute to energy efficiency by sealing gaps and cracks in a building's envelope. By preventing drafts and maintaining a consistent indoor temperature, waterproofing can reduce the strain on HVAC systems, leading to energy savings over time
  • Can waterproofing be done during any season?
    While waterproofing can be performed year-round in Markham, it is often recommended to schedule projects during dry weather conditions. Dry weather allows for optimal curing of sealants and coatings, ensuring the effectiveness and longevity of the waterproofing solutions.
  • Will waterproofing my basement affect my landscaping?
    Exterior waterproofing methods, such as installing drainage systems and sealants, might require minor adjustments to landscaping. However, experienced waterproofing professionals can minimize disruptions and restore landscaping after the project, ensuring your property looks as good as new.
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DGI Waterproofing stands as Markham’s top choice for unparalleled waterproofing and water damage restoration services, underpinned by an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Our expert technicians operate every day of the year, ensuring unmatched flexibility to seamlessly accommodate our clients’ schedules and provide swift solutions for their water-related concerns. We understand the urgency and stress that come with water damage issues, which is why we prioritize prompt, expert service tailored to your specific needs. What sets us apart is our commitment to competitive pricing, offering affordability without compromising the quality of our work. With DGI Waterproofing, expect reliable, affordable, and exceptional service, making us your trusted partner for all waterproofing and water damage restoration needs in Markham.